My Journey!

Embark on Kim’s Journey

Raised in a household with six girls, I grew up unaware of how to care for my curly hair. With my mother unable to manage our grooming needs, we opted for convenience with short haircuts at the barber’s.

Yearning for longer locks as I entered adolescence, I experimented with over-the-counter hair relaxers to control my textured hair. Throughout high school and into my twenties, I relied on chemical treatments until discovering the versatility of professional flat irons.

Transitioning into the hair industry, I found my passion as a curly hair specialist after training under Lorraine Massey at the Devachan Academy in 2008. Embracing Lorraine’s innovative techniques, I embarked on a fulfilling journey of cutting and styling curly hair, eventually founding Born Curly By Kim Gabriel salon. Departing from traditional cosmetology methods, I advocate for natural curls, abandoning harsh chemicals and heat styling.

Specializing in curl-by-curl methods, level 2 Deva Cut, along with the art of texture and level 2 Rëzo cuts. Utilizing organic styling products, I empower clients to embrace their natural texture with confidence. One of my recommended services for curly hair success is my custom curly cut with curl coaching. This allows me to sit with clients, discuss their routines, and tailor a cut to set them up for a successful curly journey.

Whether waves, curls, or kinks, I celebrate the uniqueness of every client’s hair, encouraging them to boldly embrace their curls!


Kim Gabriel xo
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