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Client Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials are very important to ensure our services are top notch at all times. We would love to hear from you to ensure we continue to provide you with our high quality services.

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So all the wonderful reviews I’ve been reading are true. I went to have my hair cut by Kim and I love what she had done.

To everyone that is looking for the best curly hair stylist. Look no where else. On top of it all, she has beautiful curls herself. Makes it so easy to relate.

Glad to have found Born With It by Kim Gabriel!


Like other reviews say, it is true that Kim is a confident natural at cutting very curly hair. I feel I should give credit where it’s due! She has “the knack,” and has curly hair herself, too. Having curly hair isn’t mandatory, of course, to be a good curly stylist (!!), but in this case it seems to give extra motivation for her to keep searching for that next, great curly product — “this time it’s personal!” — which is a bonus to clients, who learn about them, too.

I also appreciate that she has been a good problem-solver. She’ll do the same thing over and over if you like, but seems to like the challenge of fixing new problems, or experimenting. That’s a skill, too).

I followed her from another salon a couple of years ago and am still impressed by the cuts – and how they grow out – every time.

Playful Curly

Kim is awesome, gave me a lot of tips on how to take care of my hair and gave me an awesome haircut. She’s the first stylist of the many I’ve gone to who has cut my curly hair right!

Would definitely recommend her.

Sankathy Baskaran

I absolutely love my hair. I had it cut and coloured by Kim Gabriel.

For the first time ever had my hair done by a curly hair expert, and it was worth every penny. She gave me great advice to take care of my hair at home.

Now I feel my hair is on the road to better healthier hair days. Also i loved that Kim had gorgeous curls herself.

Looking forward to booking with her again. Jahlisa:)

Jah curl

I recently got my hair cut by Kim at this salon. My hair looks great. I love my new stylist look. I’ve never felt so confident about my hair as I do now. The products she sold me makes my hair feel so healthy.

I’m so glad to have come across Kim!!!


I have seen Kim several times over the years. She is always knowledgeable about my hair and new trends.

I also like that she always has a product solution for me, regardless of how unruly my hair is at the time or season!

Keep up the great work!


Kim has been doing my hair for the last 2 years and is by far the best stylist I’ve ever had. My hair is the healthiest it’s ever been and looks the best it ever has – especially today after seeing her just yesterday!

There are many things that set Kim apart from other stylists so I will mention a few here:

Kim doesn’t just think about how you look when you walk out of her salon but she thinks about the future health and look of your hair. Kim does my highlights (blond) and cut or trim. She listens to what I want and then gives me her ideas or thoughts, always based on what will be best for the health of my hair and what will look best.

Kim gives useful tips for how to take care of my hair at home – but not in an annoying way as if you’ve been doing it all wrong – and often her tips are unique and not something I’ve heard in the past. And they work!

Kim’s prices are fair and the whole experience of seeing her is great – we have great conversations and she adapts really well to different types of clients. For me, I used to dread going to a stylist who would either talk non-stop or not talk at all. With Kim it’s just really comfortable.

She has lots of experience, great ideas and a great work space. And let’s face it, it always makes a client feel more comfortable when the stylist has great hair herself!

I wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anyone – she knows how to work with all different types of hair.


After numerous bad experiences with various stylist. I was convinced that I would just have to settle. Kim was recommended to me by someone at the gym. She told me that she was so happy with her cuts. I had to try.

Like always I was very nervous. But once Kim got talking she made me feel comfortable. Once she was done, I was so excited. Finally I get to show off my hair for the first time. Loved the cut. Loved the products. Loved everything that Kim did to my hair. On top of everything.

I don’t have to settle anymore. I finally found the best curly hair expert ever. Found my hair stylist for life.


Kim is amazing! I have naturally curly hair but have straightened it for years. It was very damaged and Kim was able to use products to repair it. My hair is much healthier and more manageable. She does a wonderful blowout and colour work. I get many compliments after she does her magic.

I highly recommend Kim!

PS She has an awesome personality!!!!!!


I have been going to Kim for over a year now and my hair has never looked better! Before meeting Kim, I used to be terrified to get my hair cut but now I always feel comfortable knowing that Kim has an excellent understanding of curly hair and what it needs! I recently recommended her to a friend of mine, and she said it was the best hair experience she has ever had.

You really can’t go wrong with her


I love my hair, but Kim loves it more! I’m visiting from Germany (Europe). So this was my first time visiting this salon. I visited 2 other salons on my quest to find a hair stylist that would do my CURLY hair justice. And all failed until I fould KIM.

It’s clear that Kim is not only a quality hairstyles, but very passionate about hair and treats her clients with utmost love and respect. She takes her time with you: (I love that she doesn’t double book clients like most stylist do).

Bottom line? My search is over! Thank you Kim, but look out for me, cause I’m coming back again..


I have finally found an amazing hairstylist! I have been to soo many different hair salons and have always left disappointed, but Kim Gabriel knows what she’s doing!

Her friendly disposition puts you at ease right from the get go, as you both discuss your desires. She walks you through what she’s going to do to your hair first and if you have any reservations, she’ll gladly take care of them.

Never have I been to a stylist who asks questions about my hair and cares that I actually understand how to take of it on my own. Since being to Kim, I have gotten several compliments on my hair and colour.

If you have unruly, curly hair like me, it can be very challenging finding someone who knows how to handle this type of hair and it’s such a relief to have found Kim!

Curly Since 2013

Kim flat ironed my hair December 28th. I was very nervous getting my hair straightened, since I had heard horror stories about naturals getting heat damage and losing their curl pattern. Kim eased my worries and walked me through every step. She used quality products that made my hair soft and moisturized.

I plan to incorporate the shampoo into my regular routine. My hair was silky straight when she was done. It looked like a relaxer. It lasted for almost two weeks and when I washed again my curls came back.

I highly recommend Kim. She is very knowledgeable about natural hair and her prices are reasonable.


Words can not describe how much I trust Kim with my hair. She is the ONLY one that gets it right. I have tried different salons and stylist in the past but nothing can compare to the talent Kim has. She understands my hair needs, from my cut to the products.

Without Kim my hair would be a total mess. I joke with her all the time, if I win the lotto she would be my personal stylist. Kim is no joke, she IS the best in the biz!


Best hair cut and service.
Arezoo Hoveyda

I travel an hour sometimes longer to get my hair done by Kim and it’s worth it.

Kim is knowledgeable and shares that knowledge with me teaching me how to manage my hair from conditioning to styling and products to use.

I am so lucky to have been told about Kim the curly hair guru.


I have highly recommend Kim to all of my family and friends. Her caring personality and willingness to listen to my concerns (thinning hair) and life style (busy mom of three), allowed her to cut and style my hair like to other.

Thank you again and I looking forward to our next appointment.

Teri Moore

I went to Kim for the first time the other day, based on the reviews I read. All the positive reviews were 100% accurate – Kim is AMAZING!

I have wavy/curly hair, and every stylist I’ve ever been to has said “just get layers…layers is what works with curly hair”. Well, I always ended up with the same boring hairstyle, and could never figure out how to actually style it properly (unless I used a lot of styling product, which caused build-up in my hair and made it look stringy). I was pretty skeptical, even with all the positive reviews (who knows how legit they really are, right?); but,I saw a great promotion on the Born With It website, and thought “it can’t hurt to try, especially for the price”. Well, let me tell you – it was a fantastic experience!

I used the promotion to try Kim out, and she’s now got a forever client. She was amazing – she cut my hair dry (which I’ve read on curly girl sites is how it’s supposed to be done). Then she washed it and styled it for me, but told me step by step what I needed to do to achieve beautiful curls/waves. Before, I used a TON of gel (2 different types) in my hair, diffused it, and then used another product to ‘scrunch out the crunch’. With Kim, I now use a little bit of conditioner as a leave in treatment, and then the smallest amount of gel ever. I was skeptical about this small amount of gel – how would it tame the frizz? But it did!! And there was no crunch.

Kim answered any question I had about how to style my hair, and offered great suggestions on how to get more volume (I have thin, fine hair). It was really nice to finally have someone explain what was going on with my curly hair and why I needed to do certain steps in my styling process (rather than just saying “scrunch your hair”, she would explain how to do it, why she was doing it, how often I should wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner vs. just conditioner, etc.).

Honestly, Kim is awesome. She’s nice, she explains everything she does, and she doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for her services.

I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Kim is the best, she has been styling my hair for the last 2 years and I don’t know how my hair survived before her. You can be rocking your natural curls or a relaxer; she will guide you on the path to healthy hair.

She gives great recommendations on the best products for your hair type, and the best ways to use the products. I’m transitioning from a relaxer back to my natural curls and I cannot imagine doing it without Kim to guide me.

I have never sat in a stylist chair and not worry about what is being done to my hair or how it will look until I meet Kim, I trust her a 100%. She is amazing


Today was my first cut with Kim, and I am extremely pleased. Kim really understands curly hair and my vision for my hair in particular.

Kim is Deva certified, but doesn’t charge outrageous amounts. Kim was sure to ask about my hair care regiment and made sure that my cut would fit my lifestyle. I would recommend Kim to anyone looking for a stylist that knows curly hair.


Kim is fantastic! She is very knowledgeable, patient and sooooooo nice.

She has spent a lot of time teaching me how to define my curls. And for the first time in 57 years I really love my curly hair!! But she also understands that I like to wear my hair straight sometimes. She has given me excellent cuts that go both ways!!

I highly recommend Kim and I always look forward to my salon visits with her!


I have found Kim to be such a talented stylist. She knows so much about curly hair and spends time to show you how to work with what you have suggesting the right products and styling techniques to achieve a salon look for your hair at home so you always have good hair!

I could not be more happy with finding her!

Curly Girl To

My life with curls has changed forever since I met Kim! I had been searching for a hairstylist that I could go to, pay my money and leave with my hair looking good! Not getting it cut then having to go home, wash it and style it myself! Then I found her.

I have been going to Kim for about 3 yrs and have been so impressed! I even walk around with her cards in my purse because everyone stops me to compliment me on my curls and my cut! Not only will Kim give you a beautiful cut and style, but she will teach you how to deal with your naturally curly hair!

If you aren’t in love with your curls yet, Kim will start the love affair. She understands our issues because she has curls herself! And with the curls that she is rocking, one look at her and you know she knows what she is doing! The personal attention, the cut and style and then all the compliments after, will keep you coming back to see her!

Probably forever like me!


I got my hair cut by her a few times by Kim. Not only did I love my cut and colour. I get unlimited compliments by my family, friends, and strangers. She always gives me great advice on how to keep my hair looking amazing.

To all curly girls, I highly recommend Kim with your curly hair.

She is truly amazing.


Having lived with and hated my curls for about 30years, I can finally say I have found a stylist that makes me look and feel great.

I’ve had chemically straightened for several years but stopped when I got pregnant . After finding Kim, I no longer straightened my hair. She is a miracle worker. She is friendly and easy to talk to.

I would highly recommend Kim to anyone with curls.


Kim is fantastic! I have followed her for 4 years now and wont ever trust my curly hair to any one else. I have referred Kim to several friends and neighbors, some with curly hair, some with straight, and some they have thanked me for the introduction.

I can’t say enough about Kim, she knows her business, teaches you how to take care of your hair, doesn’t push any products for you to buy, and is talented.

I have been to the best spas and boutiques in Yorkville, and would always be disappointed. Kim is the best in the business, no one else will ever touch my hair, or my daughters!

Truly Curly

I have never trusted anyone to cut my naturally curly hair until I met Kim.

She listens to exactly what I want and magically makes it happen. I have never been so happy with my hairstyle and feel like I know have so many more options.

She is so knowledgeable in curly hair maintenance and care and truly enjoys educating her clients on how to achieve their optimal curl! I

will go to no one else!

Mallory Harris

I have been seeing Kim for years now. She is honestly the best stylist I have ever seen. She has the skills and patience to turn my sometimes unruly hair into a masterpiece. With every cut, she takes the time to show and teach me a new and different way to style my hair. I always leave this salon feeling more than satisfied, and confident in my new look.

Kim is a meticulous stylist. She listens to all of my concerns and always gives a full consultation before every cut. On one occasion when I was having trouble catching on to the new technique she taught me. I was able to come back into the salon, and she stayed and instructed me until I was able to master the technique. Which of course I greatly appreciated.

When I come in for my appointments I feel welcome and comfortable. The atmosphere in the salon is friendly, interactive and professional.

I refer my own family and friends and clients to this salon.


From day one Kim has been so helpful . She provided sound advice on the right products I should use and tips on daily maintenance.

Two years and I am still very happy . She is the best!


I have been using Kim as my stylist for over 7 years and I am thrilled with her service.

I have very difficult curly hair and she has been a lifesaver. My hair has never been healthier. She is extremely knowledgeable about products, hair colouring, setting and styling. Everything a curly hair girl needs to know!

In addition, she is responsible, efficient and a pleasure to be with. She really listens to you and goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. She is also wonderful at providing education about how to handle your curly hair.

I would highly recommend her for all curly hair types. Definitely, the best hairstylist I have every used for my curly, unruly hair.

Dianne Cole

Kim is the best! She really understands curly hair. Couldn’t be happier with the results!
Ilana S

I have been going to Kim for about 6 months. She has been fantastic with helping me transition from chemically relaxed hair to my natural hair. She is knowledgeable about the various products I can use in my transition and has helped me with my own home care.

It has been a real pleasure to have Kim do my hair. She is very prompt, organized attentive to my needs while she is doing my hair. If I have a question for Kim about a product I can always send her an email or give her a quick call and she responds quickly.

I am not sure why I hadn’t gone to her sooner, but I wouldn’t give her up for anything now! Thanks Kim


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