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A New Adventure!

Born Curly is emarking on an exciting new adventure, offering their very own Curly Hair Stylist Certification Program for industry proffesionals. Kim Gabriel, owner and stylist at Born Curly, is committee on teaching you the techniques necessary to become a Curly Hair Stylist.

Born Curly Stylist Certification

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Curly Hair Expert!

The journey to becoming a Curly Hair Stylist could be the breakthrough you need to grow your business and help your clients embrace their natural beauty with confidence.

The Born Curly Stylist Certification is developed for License Professionals wishing to become curly hair experts. Join Kim Gabireil for a day where she will teach you how to achieve the perfect curly hair wash n style, curly cut and balayage.

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Kim Gabriel Owner Born Culrly Hair Salon in Toronto

Kim Gabriel

Curly Hair Expert

Kim is passionate about curls! With over 17 years experience working with and learning about curly hair, Kim created her own “Signature Born Culry Cut Experience” that leaves clients wanting more. Her Google Reviews certainly attest to this fact.

Born Curly

Curly Hair Stylist Certification

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A Curly Hair

Transformation Jounrey

During each client visit, Kim strives to take her clients curls to the next level.

Not only does she revive her clients natural beautiful curls, she ensures to educate each client on the best hair care products and proper techniques which are customized to each inividulal needs.

Course Description

With this certification, you and your salon, can begin to educate clients on proper hair cleansing and hydration needs, styling techniques, and product application. This program will also train you on how to complete your services with the finalized look that provides uniform shape, volume, and curl definition.

These techniques, which have evolved throughout the curly hair community, are not found in any Cosmetology Education Program out there!

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Course Description

Seamless consultations, how to build a rapport with your client to ensure they feel confident in choosing you.  

Step by Step Born Curly wash n go to obtain perfect results for your clients, allowing them to leave your chair feeling confident about their curls.  

Curly cut technique and curly hair balayage

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Born curly stylist, Kim Gabriel, offers one on one coaching as well as salon visits for larger group training.

Please email Kim at or call her at 647-205-3474 for more information on how to obtain your Born Curly Stylist Certification.

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