Before your Visit

Welcome to Born Curly, Toronto’s finest curly hair specialist.

Customer service is very important to us and we want to ensure you get the most out of your appointment. Please read the following information carefully in order to ensure you are fully prepared for your appointment.

We look forward to meeting with you and being part of your curly hair journey!

Colour, Texturizing & Smoothing Services

If you are booked for a colour, texturizing or smoothing service, please ensure your hair is detangled and styled curly before you arrive.

To ensure the correct amount of time is booked for your appointment, please indicate in your booking the type of color services received in the past 3 years; IE: professional colour, store boxed, henna, spray colors, etc…

Curly Cuts

Whether you are booked for a Deva Cut or Rezo cut, please ensure your hair is detangled and styled curly before your appointment.

This will allow us to evaluate the shape of your curly hair, in order to determine the best direction to take for your curly cut.

This applies to all new and returning clients

Products For Healthy Curls

At Born Curly, we are committed to ensuring you are satisfied with all the services you receive while in our care and at home.

Having the correct products at home will be very important for your curly hair journey and we cannot guarantee healthy curls without sending you home with the correct products.

Your visit will include helpful tips on what products to purchase and use to ensure similar results at home.

Detangling Fees

Should you chose to arrive at your appointment with tangled curls, an additional $50/hr detangling fee will apply.

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