Olaplex Hair Treatment

by May 28, 2018

What does having colour, highlights, perm, or relaxer on curly hair have in common? The possibility that breakage may accrue!

Has this ever happen to you? Having the fear of having chemical services can now come to and end. With the Olaplex bond multiplying system, it allows rebuilding the strength, structure and integrity to your curls to the point where a chemical service would be mind blowing.


So How Is This Done?

Just ask for an up grade to any chemical services.

I’ll mix the Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1 directly into your chemical service and apply Olaplex Bond Protector No.2 to your curly hair before your shampoo. Then Olaplex’s Hair Protector No.3 can be purchased to take home as a hair protector that you will use one a week.

This will make a huge difference in the health of your curly hair. Olaplex will relink the bonds that are broken during any chemical service and strengthen your curly hair immediately.

Good luck on your Born Curly journey

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