Cezanne Perfect Finish

by May 15, 2018

Thinking of having a smoothing system on your curly hair? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide.

Most people admire or envy someone else’s curly hair image; however, it is very unpredictable. As a hair stylist working with curly hair clients day to day, a large number of them complain about a lot of the same things: shrinkage, frizz, need for length, breakage, weak hair, etc., so I’m always looking for a safe solution. Becoming Cezanne Perfect Finish certified has allowed me to satisfy the needs of my clients and make their hair controllable.

If you have frizzy curly, kinky curly, unruly, course hair, Cezanne Perfect Finish on Curly Hair is the perfect solution for you. Once this procedure is done your curls will be more manageable, frizz will be tame, hair will gain length, strength and longevity.

For more information on Cezanne Perfect Finish or for any tips or tricks, please do not hesitate to contact me today! It will be my pleasure to help you with all your questions.

Pros of Cezanne Perfect Finish on Curly Hair:

  • NON-TOXIC, 100% formaldehyde free, naturally safe and effective smoothing system. This system last up to 3 to 5 months. Great for those who enjoy natural ingredients in their hair
  • Will smooth curly hair with a proprietary blend of Keratin, Sericin, Glycolic Acid, vitamins, botanicals, amino acids, and aloe vera
  • Hydrating at low PH, Cezanne Perfect Finish gently raises the hair cuticle and penetrates the cortex. This will assist a curl pattern change at the molecular level
  • Cezanne Perfect Finish will give you curl elongation up to 30% (results may vary)
  • Can be used on colour treated curly hair
  • Excellent for transitioning out of relaxers
  • Free from sulfates, paraben, phthalate and gluten
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested

Con for Cezanne Perfect Finish:

  • Cezanne Perfect Finish will not give you straight hair.

Good luck on your Born Curly journey

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